HANGAR BARCELONA RESIDENCY. THE WALL /IN OUT. Can Ricart Factory site explorations. Studio experimentation with found materials. "Projections without projector". 2012.

Del otro lado is a site-specific project that started with my first Hangar residency in 2012. Inspired by the industrial palaus and torres that define the amazing landscape of Poblenou, the project captures key moments of my engagement and interaction with the Can Ricart 19th century factory area. Videos, installations, drawings and photographs translated over the years  my fascination with this transforming site. Inside & outside, like the graffiti on the Hangar Center’s gate sign suggests, I worked in and out the metal wall that surrounds the Can Ricart ruins.

Special thanks: Tere Badia, Joana Cervia, Nùria Marquès, Sergi Botella, Rocio Campana, Hangar  team and artist Erin Coates.