THE DUST PROJECT. The encounter with a fascinating building in Downtown Cairo - The Saïd Halim Pacha Palace (a.k.a Champollion) - lead to a polymorphous and "long-durational"  project. Presented for the first time by the Townhouse Gallery in Cairo as a double video-projection-based installation, Dust Monument captured the key moments of a dialogue that reflected my engagement with both the palace and the gallery space. Since, the Dust Project continues to circulate worldwide as part of a series of  "mobile monuments".

Stills images from mini DV videos. Site explorations and self-shot performances with dust (May-September 2005)

Shukran :  Ibrahim Abdella ( bawaab of Saïd Halim Pasha Palace) and the Men in Blue; Thanks : Osama Dawod for balcony shoot.