Nailbride Manila 08

Performances and video installations 08-09

Special thanks : Iwan Wijono, Rachel Saraswati, OP'e Wardany and Performance Klub team,  KPH Prince Nieko Wironegoro Jogja National Museum,  KKF Gallery (Yogyakarta) ; Andrée Martin, Agora de la danse, Sonia Pelletier,  Aneessa Hashmi,  Roxane Arseneault, La Centrale Powerhouse Gallery team (Montreal) ; Stefan Saint-Laurent, Theo Pelmus and Saw Gallery team (Ottawa) ; Igor Antic (Novi Sad and Paris), Jose Tence Ruiz (Bogie), Mideo Cruz, Raquel de Loyola, Emmanuel (Many) Garibay, Ronaldo Ruiz, Tupada and Tama teams (Manila) ; Jill McMaird (NYC), Martin Renteria (Mexico City), Jin Chen, Open Art Festival team (Beijing)

M A N I L A B I E N N A L E /O P E N C I T Y 2018

MANILA CITTÀ APERTA INTRAMUROS - Water Monument Pasig, a performance at Fort Santiago and Dust Monument Real a video installation with projection on Puerta Real.

Memory, intersecting histories, performing bodies and performing sites. Violence and tenderness. Past, present, life and death. Wars, dictatorships but also love : a variation on a theme. One horrid, the other full of hope. All waters communicate. So this is the perfect site to remember, but also to look forward. United. Water, dust, flowers, red and yellow ribbons on the anniversary day of the Battle of Manila.

curator : Carlos Celdran

special guest performer : Jose Tence Ruiz aka Bogie

special appearances : Kleng de Loyola, Uma de Loyola Cruz

production designer : Leah Reyes ; field assistans : Jocelyn Lao, Mitch Garcia and Roan Cornejo.

photo documentation : Eve Javier (photos 1-18) and Mideo Cruz

MARAMING SALAMAT / MANY THANKS : Jose Tence Ruiz aka Bogie, Carlos Celdran, Tesa Celdran, Mitch Garcia, Eve Javier, Leah Reyes, Jocelyn Lao, Roan Cornejo and the Manila Biennale team. Thanks to the sponsors : Philippine Airlines, Bayleaf Intramuros Hotel. Special thanks and mille grazie : Bogie, Rochit, Amihan and Spike.

Post-performance drawings @ JTR Palmera 33 Studio. Caran d’Ache Neocolor II Water Pastels, Canson Paper 30”” x 20” and 2 pages small notebook.